POEMS and etc….being ORDINARY is the BEST

Welc0me T0 mY LifE

~I'm just an ordinary girl seeking for happiness just like everyone ~I'm creating this blog just to share what i've experienced in my life ~The story of my life will be written to my complacency, meaning whether in type of poem and etc ~Please leave a comment if you have something to say to me, regardless what you want to say. And i'll accept it with my open heart ~I will update or publish new entry only if i have time or something to write and share as i'm still a student and a bit busy with my daily life


[self-made POEM]__A GUY

In the crowd,

Its him that i noticed,

Looking at him,

In one glance.

While walking,

Noticed him from a far,

No doubt,

Its the same guy.

At the food court,

Was looking for unoccupied spot,

All of a sudden,

The guy was right in front,

Spontaneously turned my back,

And walked the other way

Never saw the guy since,

Without knowing his name,

The memory of him,

Slowly faded away.


He’s all gone…


[self-made POEM]__>XY/XX<


Opposite from XX


Different from XX


All the time

Having arguments with XX


Never understand XY

And vice versa


Always underestimate XX


In the end

Will always unite with XX


There is a friend

Always lending a hand

Never feel bothered

When others bother her

But she’s unpredictable

Reluctant to share problems

Thinking didn’t want to burden

However, what does that made me?

Things happened, time passed

Finally learned

What a true friend is

Was not the primer


I’ve found one


Hope to be the one